Italian Quality

Our Classico/Premium Wood Burning Ovens:

Dolce Vita’s Wood Burning Ovens are extremely well-made from one of Italy’s top manufacturers of wood-burning ovens.  The craftsmanship, design, technology and ambiance of this line of wood-burning ovens are unmatched and reflect the true dynamism of Italy’s long history of creating culinary masterpieces.  Italian workmanship and Italian attention to detail create wood-burning ovens that can only be defined as works of art.

These wood-burning ovens have beautiful and stylish stainless steel accents, elegant placement and design, unmatched functionality, extreme versatility, unparalleled quality, lasting durability, and a style all of its own.  These Italian wood-burning ovens are also easy to maintain and clean as well as capable of blending into any indoor or outdoor kitchen to create an atmosphere that reflects you.

Our Rustico Wood Fired Pizza Ovens:

Dolce Vita Specialty Imports is an importer of quality wood-fired pizza ovens from Italy that reflect the traditional artisan baking styles of the region.

Baking in a wood-fired oven is a time-honored, traditional method which gives a variety of foods such as pizzas, focaccias, bruschettas, breads, pastas, cakes and even roasts a flavor unmatched by any other style of cooking. If you are seeking mouthwatering foods that are unequaled in taste and flavor then wood-fired ovens are perfect for you.

The simple and energy efficient design provides a large cooking area that can easily reach the temperatures of 550o to 650o Fahrenheit ideal for cooking pizzas simultaneously in as little as 2-3 minutes. Also, the oven can be used to bake roasts, breads, cakes, etc. at lower temperatures.

The visual impact and warmth generated by these ovens creates character and ambiance in any environment and creates a focal point of activity where everyone can see first-hand the skills involved in making pizza the traditional way.

The wood fired pizza ovens are made in Italy by skilled artisans combining the experience of past generations with the technology of today. Manufactured using a mix of special refractory mortar and alumina, the individual pieces are molded to produce a series of ingenious, interlocking pieces. These pre-cast units are then easily assembled to form the self-supporting domed oven. These ovens are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Assembly is easy and straightforward. The wood fired pizza ovens are bricked in and insulated using ceramic-fiber insulation and vermiculite. Because the units are pre-cast, they interlock together easily to create the oven base and self-supporting dome. Maintenance is quick and easy—a regular sweep with a brush to remove the ashes is all that is required. For more information on these ovens, please contact Dolce Vita Specialty Imports.