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Portable Outdoor Wood-Burning Oven

Don’t have space for a traditional wood-burning pizza oven in your backyard? Our Forna Premium Wood Burning Ovens can give you the same great flavors in a portable package. In Southern California backyard living space is limited. This oven can be placed in your backyard and is easy to move and position thanks to its […]

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Flue Adaptor

A flue adaptor enables you to control how quickly your fire burns and is usually made from black cast aluminum. You can easily restrict the flow of combustion gases and in turn reduce the intensity of your fire. Flue adaptors can cause the fire to burn slower, giving it more time to release heat into […]

The Best Pizza in San Diego could be in your backyard!

The best pizza in San Diego could be right in your backyard when you add an authentic Italian wood-fired pizza oven kit from Dolce Vita Specialty Imports. Not only do these homemade pizzas taste delicious but the wood-fired pizza oven will transform your backyard into a place to socialize. Experiment with pizzas, desserts, breads, roasts […]

Wood Fired Roasted Chocolate Banana Boat

Summer is in full effect and its time to get outside an enjoy those hot summer nights. After enjoying a meal cooked in one of our wood fired pizza oven keep the coal going and enjoy a campfire favorite recipe that will bring back those childhood memories. Ingredients Bananas Tin foil Milk chocolate chips Mini […]

Custom Masonry Outdoor Pizza Oven & Barbecues

San Diego’s weather is perfect for outdoor living and entertainment. Adding a Outdoor Pizza Oven or Masonry Barbecues brings new life to any outdoor kitchen. Our wood burning oven kits and masonry barbecues provide you the one tool you need to prepare delicious foods of all kinds…Italian style! Imported Outdoor Pizza Oven Kits Forno Rustico […]

6 Benefits of a Wood Fired Pizza Oven.

Cooking with wood-fired ovens adds flavor Wood-fired ovens are healthier and help food retain nutrients Wood-fired ovens are perfect for green living Wood-Fired ovens can also be used to cook just about any food: your favorite gluten-free breads, roasted meats and vegetables, braised dishes, casseroles and more. Wood-Fired ovens save energy Lastly you can build […]

Cooking Chicago Style Pizza in your Wood-Fired Oven

Cooking a deep dish pizza in your wood-fired oven is more like baking a casserole. The heat needs to be much lower, shoot for a temp between 400 and 450 F depending on the oven. You also need to rotate the cast iron pan for the pie to cook evenly. Ingredients 2 1/4 teaspoons active […]

How to cook a New York-style pizza in a wood-fired oven

Establish the fire and let it burn for 1 1⁄2 to 2 1⁄2 hours to allow the oven to reach the desired temperature allowing the inner surfaces of the oven to absorb the heat. Once the desired temperature is reached and the fire has burned down to coals, push the coals to the sides or […]