Southern California Custom Outdoor Pizza Oven Construction 1 of 2

Pizza and wood-burning ovens are a popular addition to outdoor kitchens these days. Every step requires careful planning and attention to detail. This Southern California  custom outdoor kitchen constructed by Sun Coast Construction Inc. features our Forno Rustico 120 Wood Fired Oven Kit. The photos show the step-by-step transformation this outdoor living space undergoes during the construction.

Sun Coast Construction Inc. is a full-service general contractor based in Southern California with over 25 years of experience.

A concrete base is required to support the weight of the wood-burning oven and stone.

Wood-Burning-Oven-Construction-IMG_2266 Wood-Burning-Oven-Construction-IMG_2267 Wood-Burning-Oven-Construction-IMG_2268 Wood-Burning-Oven-Construction-IMG_2269 Wood-Burning-Oven-Construction-IMG_2313 Wood-Burning-Oven-Construction-IMG_2314 Wood-Burning-Oven-Construction-IMG_2316 Wood-Burning-Oven-Construction-IMG_2364 Wood-Burning-Oven-Construction-IMG_2365