The Complete Pizza Oven Tool Set

A must-have starter tool set complete with all you need to start cooking in your pizza oven.
Six essential tools to cook in a wood fired oven, selected and conveniently assembled in one kit.  All the tools are long-handled and a great fit for wood burning pizza ovens.
Wood-Fired Oven Utensil Set comes with:
Fire stoker.  Use the fire sticker to move the embers in the pizza oven or reach in the to position and pull roasting pans. Also works great to pop bubbles on your pizza. Measures 60” long.
Brass brush.  Use this bristle brush to clean the oven floor before cooking pizza. The brush makes it easy to prepare for baking pizza or bread, and is also a good thing to have when cleaning the oven after each use. Measures 60″ long.
Pizza shovel.  Slide your pizza or bread into the oven easily with this wood burning pizza tool. With a comfortable, extra long handle, this pizza shovel is a great fit for all wood burning pizza ovens. Measures 12″ x 54” long.
Pizza Turner.  Sleek and easy to handle stainless steel pizza turner. Use it to reach in the oven and move your pizzas around so that they brown evenly or to bring out of the oven your baked bread loaves. Measures 8″ diameter, 60” long.
Wall Rack.  Holds all 5 wood burning pizza oven utensil. 18” long