How-To Install a Wood Fired Pizza Oven Installation Instruction 2 of 2

Below are the basic instructions on how to install one of our wood-fired oven kits. This is part two of a two part post. View one of two here.

5. Apply a small amount of mud to the outer seams of the dome to seal the oven.  There is no need to cement in the dome pieces because the oven dome is self-supporting.

6.Cover the entire dome with a ceramic fiber insulation blanket (sold separately).  Lay wire mesh (such as chicken wire) over the insulation to hold it tightly against the oven.

7.If the finished oven is enclosed with masonry walls, cover it with at least 6 inches of loose vermiculite for optimal insulation.  If the finished oven is left dome-shaped, the vermiculite should be mixed with cement so that it will stick together.  Mixing ratio: 10 cubic feet of vermiculite to 45 lbs. of Portland cement.  Add water as needed.

8. For dome-shaped ovens, cover the vermiculite with 1 inch of stucco reinforced with chicken wire.  If the dome-shaped oven is left outdoors, it should be waterproofed to prevent moisture from seeping into the oven. (For further details, download our wood-fired oven installation guide from our website.)

The installation of the wood-fired oven and outdoor living space construction was done by Italco Construction Inc.