wood-fired oven

How-To Install a Wood Fired Pizza Oven Installation Instruction 1 of 2

Below are the basic instructions on how to install one of our wood-fired oven kits. This is a two part post so please check back next month for the final steps.

  1.  Construct a 4” concrete slab supported by 2 masonry walls. If space between walls is over 42”, build a third center wall. The width and length of slab will be determined by the size of the wood fired oven being installed. The slab should be large enough to have room for at least 6” of insulation (ceramic fiber blanket and vermiculite) all around. At the front of the wood fired oven, the slab should be large enough to accommodate the front arch or any other finishes (stone, bricks, tile, etc.).
  2.  For better insulation, lay one or two rows of fire bricks over the slab or use ceramic fiber board.
  3. Then, lay the oven floor pieces without any mortar or grout. This will prevent possible cracking due to thermal expansion. Be sure to leave enough space for the front arch. If the joints of the floor pieces are uneven, smooth them over using an angle grinder or coarse sand paper. This will prevent the edges from chipping in the future.
  4.  Assemble the wood fired oven starting from the door pieces. Be sure that all the dome pieces fit tightly together. The space between the wood fired oven floor and the dome pieces should be left open. The ash from the first several fires will fill this space and lock the wood fired oven in place.