Pizza Margherita for Your Wood Fired Oven

Pizza Margherita is a classic Italian style pizza that focuses on high quality ingredients and traditional Italian flavors. If you are looking for a heavy or complicated pizza with lots of toppings, look elsewhere. This simple yet delicious style of pizza is great for people who want the fundamental flavors of Italian cooking without a bunch of extraneous items blocking the flavors.  Pizza Margherita is a very adaptable recipe. The following is just a guideline, so feel free to make changes in order to make it perfect for you.

What you will need:

  • Pizza Dough – you can use store bought, but you will get better results with our pizza dough recipe.
  •  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Garlic
  • Fresh Basil
  • Fresh Roma Tomatoes
  • Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
Preheat your wood fired oven to 450 degrees or higher. The higher the temperature the less time it will take to cook. Mix in garlic, salt, olive oil, and sliced tomatoes in a bowl. Use this mixture to lightly brush the pizza dough. Then layer thin sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and rough chopped basil over the pizza. Place in heated oven until the crust and cheese is a golden brown.

Great Deals on Forno Wood Fired Ovens

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The Forno Classico series is a wonderful addition to any kitchen, patio or backyard. Its professionally made steel and cast iron construction makes it durable yet elegant appliance for authentic Italian cooking. The Classico oven can also stand free in your backyard and features wheels for easy moving. It can also be built into your indoor or outdoor kitchen. Check out our specials now. You can get a Forno Classico wood fired oven for as little as $2750.
The Forno Premium is a higher quality wood burning oven with tons of useful features for cooks looking to go the extra mile in flavor and presentation. Forno Premium ovens feature things like heat and corrosion resistant paint, removable interior for easy cleaning, stone bottom for pizza or bread, steam valve for greater humidity control and three cooking surfaces for multitasking. Check out our current specials on these amazing Forno Premiums. You can get one for as low as $2950.
The Forno Rustico line of ovens are created with modern technology but use traditional and proven cooking methods to allow for authentic Italian cuisine. The Rustico wood fired ovens are designed to combine traditional cooking methods with highly technical design and construction. These ovens not only cook well, but they look fantastic in or outdoors. We’re now having a sale on these Forno Rustico ovens and you can get one for as lowas $950.

Informative Videos about Wood Fired Ovens

If you are looking for more information on high quality Forno wood burning ovens, or for recipes and ideas for use of the ovens, then take a look at the links to videos below for a wealth of information regarding these top of the line wood fired ovens. You can find all of the wood fired oven videos here, or click on the links to some of the individual ones. 
This video shows how to load wood into the wood fired oven and then goes on to show the delicious results that come from cooking pizza and bread in the Forno Classico. You can see how the authentic Italian pizza cooks to a beautiful finish while the bread develops a wonderful charred crust.
Porchetta is a savory, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition. The body of the pig is gutted, deboned, arranged carefully with layers of stuffing, meat, fat, and skin, then rolled, spitted, and roasted, traditionally over wood. Porchetta is usually heavily salted in addition to being stuffed with garlic, rosemary, fennel, or other herbs, often wild. This video shows the preparation and cooking of this delicious and traditional Italian dish.
This video features the preparation of several summer fruit pies including peach and blueberry. The pies are then placed in a Forno Classico and bake into a golden brown flaky crust. The pies look so delicious you will barely be able to watch without getting hungry.
For a demonstration on the Forno Premium wood fired oven, watch this video.

Thanksgiving with a Wood Fired Oven

We’re always looking for new ways to make our Thanksgiving meal the best ever, one that our family and friends will remember for years to come.  We try to accomplish this by doing things like using new fancy foreign spices and complicated marinating techniques to bring out the most flavors possible. What we tend to ignore, however, is the way that we cook the more traditional items like turkey, casseroles and pie. Traditional ovens take on this job adequately, but a wood fired oven can add a whole other type of element to a Thanksgiving meal that will have your family singing your praises.
Whole new dimensions and flavors can come out of turkeys that are cooked in wood fired ovens. This is due to the much higher heats you can get from a wood fire compared to gas or electric ovens. Be careful, however, because cooking a bird in a wood fired oven is a bit different than a traditional one if you are going to use high temperatures because the cooking time will be faster . You’ll be amazed at the wonderful and unique flavors you will get out of your turkey. A wood fired oven turkey recipe is coming soon!
Don’t forget desserts as well. The flavor that comes from the smoke of a wood fire oven can perfectly compliment dishes like pumpkin pies and apple cobblers. The natural wood heat adds an element of flavor that you won’t get from traditional cooking methods. The high heat of the wood fired oven can also help you create delicious caramelized crusts on desserts with sugar coatings.