Wood Burning Oven Kits

Wood Burning Oven Kits


Indirect Wood-Fired Ovens

Indirect Wood-Fired Ovens


Masonry Barbecues

Masonry Barbecues


Welcome to Dolce Vita Specialty Imports!

Dolce Vita Specialty Imports is located in San Diego County, California and is an importer of top quality wood-burning pizza ovens from leading Italian manufacturers. Our appreciation and love of fine cooking has allowed us to experience and enjoy the unique flavor that only a wood fired oven can give to food whether it be desserts, bread, pizza, roasts or casseroles. Because of our familiarity and knowledge of these exceptional products, we can truly endorse the quality, workmanship, versatility and functional elegance of our ovens.


Indirect Wood Burning Ovens

Cook delicious pizzas and breads then the indirect wood burning oven is right for you. It doesn’t stop there either. The indirect wood burning oven can cook anything your heart desires and the flavour this oven will bring out captures the true essence of the Italian spirit of food. With such style and class it compliments your kitchen in a way that cannot be described!


Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kits

Forno Rustico wood fired ovens are design to combine the romance of a traditional wood-fired oven, with modern technology and design.  Amazing food for people who love the ease and flexibility of cooking with a outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. Have a Forno Rustico wood-fired pizza oven installed in your home and start to enjoy the alternative cooking method.


Wood-Fired Oven Utensil

No wood fired oven is complete without the proper utensils.  Made in Italy from the finest materials, these stainless steel utensils enhance the wood fired cooking experience.  Different sizes are available to fit you specific oven and guarantee unparalleled ease of use.


Imported Italian Masonry Barbecues

Our line of barbeques feature the same quality of craftsmanship as our ovens. Cooking with wood and charcoal brings a unique old world flavor and experience to any backyard gathering. Easy to use and elegantly crafted, these barbeques feature a natural stone aesthetic and are available in three sizes.

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